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Property MD has been the leader in property restoration services in Vaughan Ontario and its surrounding areas for over a decade, focusing primarily on clients’ safety and satisfaction. We specialize in providing day in and day out emergency services to residential and commercial clients, including water damage, property repairs, vehicle impact, extreme deep cleaning, mold remediation, and more.

Known for offering quick, quality, and professional services, Property MD takes pride in having won the trust of hundreds of residential and commercial clients over the years. Our cutting-edge end-to-end property solutions are customized to meet clients’ specific requirements, ensuring ease of business and peace of mind for customers.

Our Services

Property MD has an extensive portfolio of property-related services to clients across Toronto and neighboring areas in the Greater Toronto region. It includes:

Water Damage

Whether a burst pipe or a flood, water damage can leave your residential or commercial property in shambles, whether a burst pipe or a flood. Water damage and restoration experts at Property MD are available round the clock for you. Our comprehensive team Provides you with emergency services during such stressful situations. 

Having experts by your side in such a crisis to control the damage and restore your property is such a sigh of relief, isn’t it?

Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire can be devastating for property, and leaving the cleanup and restoration to an inexperienced company can mean even more damage. Property MD has an in-house team of fire and smoke damage restoration experts who can restore your property to normal in no time, only using advanced chemicals and equipment in the process. 

Reclaim your property back after a fire with Property MD, and trust us, you’ll love the results we get you. 

Wind/Tornado Damage

Indeed, No one can win against Mother Nature, but you can take corrective measures when Mother Nature is complete with laying its wrath, right? If your residential or commercial property has suffered from wind or tornado damage, Property MD is just a call away.

Vehicle Impact

Damage caused by vehicle impact may not be as uncommon as you think. At Property MD, we frequently receive emergency calls to restore and renovate a damaged property due to a vehicle impact. 

Extreme Cleaning

Whether it is fire, water, mold infestation, or anything else, Property MD offers the most advanced extreme cleaning solution in the GTA if your property needs a thorough cleanup. 

We would ensure every nook and corner of your house is thoroughly cleaned, eliminating any foul odor, toxins, pollutants, soot, ash, and chemicals that may be harmful to your loved ones or employees.

Property Repairs

At Property MD, we provide all property restoration and repair services. Irrespective of the scale and type of property repairs you’re looking for, look no further than Property MD. 


We specialize in offering extensive and customized property renovation services for commercial and residential properties in Vaughan. Our in-house renovation specialists at Property MD will sit with you and know your requirements, vision, and budget to provide a customized solution that fits the bill perfectly. 

At Property MD, we never compromise on quality, services, or clients’ satisfaction; ever!

Specialty Property Services

At Property MD, we provide specialty property services to our residential and commercial clients across Vaughan and Greater Toronto area. 

Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we will provide you with a bespoke solution that aligns with your requirements perfectly.

Hazardous Material Removal

This is one of the most complex jobs; you cannot trust inexperienced hands to. After water and fire damage, the property is often infested with harmful chemicals, toxins, dirt, debris, soot, and ash that needs to be eradicated. Unless the hazardous material is eliminated from the property, commercial or residential, it will not be labeled as habitable. 

It can cause severe health issues to the people spending time in it, even for a short while. We inspect every nook and corner of the house with our advanced equipment, ensuring that no speck of soot, ash, or hazardous material is left behind. 

This is also a frequently requested service by commercial properties where hazardous chemicals have leaked, rendering it unsafe and unusable until thoroughly cleaned professionally.

Mold Remediation

Mold can form in a property for several reasons, including sewer backups, flooding, water damage, burst pipes, roof leaks, and more. Whatever be the reason, if mold-infested is not treated as soon as it is suspected or identified, it can cause health risks to people living on the property, especially older adults and children. 

Property MD offers comprehensive mold remediation services in Vaughan for commercial and residential properties. 

We clean the affected area thoroughly and treat it with anti-microbial agents, ensuring mold growth is eliminated. At Property MD, we aren’t interested in cutting corners and only interested in providing solutions with a long-term approach. 

Property MD

The Best Property Restoration & Renovation Company In Vaughan 

Property MD is your trusted partner for property restoration and renovation in Vaughan. We offer fast and responsive services you can rely on, allowing you to sleep easy at night. You can assure your property is being serviced by experienced, trained, licensed restoration and renovation experts. 

Our honest and transparent approach to handling every project has helped us win the trust of hundreds of clients across the Greater Toronto Area, and we’re sure your experience would be no different. We are confident in what we bring to the table and our commitment never to hesitate to go the extra mile to wow you with our services. 

Call us today at 1-855-4FLOOD-MD to book any of our services or consult with our property specialist at Property MD.