Fire Damage Restoration– Brampton, ON

Fire damage can be devastating for your commercial or residential property. It can leave your property in shambles, making you feel vulnerable and confused about what to do. Not only does fire damage cause tremendous physical damage to your property, but it can also take an emotional toll on you, your family or employees.

Immediate corrective measures should be taken to ensure the fire damage doesn’t spread. It is because the after-effects of fire damage can leave a lasting impact and multiply the damage if not treated immediately.

The destructive side-effects of fire damage, including soot, discoloration, debris, ash, foul odour, etc., need to be taken care of at the earliest before it causes widespread damage, needing expensive repairs and restoration.

At Property MD, we are professional fire damage restoration experts with decades of experience in the business. Over the years, we have served hundreds of clients across Brampton, Ontario, successfully helping them overcome the stress caused by fire damage through immediate fire mitigation services.

Our team of fire damage restoration professionals can help you with our bespoke fire damage restoration solutions, ensuring your property is back up and running in no time. Starting from water extraction to complete cleanup and from smoke odour removal to property repair and restoration, our experts at Property MD would take care of it all for you.

We don’t leave anything to chance and ensure your property is as good as new by the time we are done. Our honest and transparent approach ensures our services are always priced competitively, and there are never any hidden charges you need to worry about.

We are the leading fire damage restoration contractors in Brampton, Ontario, and we go the extra mile to keep it that way. Trust us during your time of crisis, and we will not disappoint you!


Fire Damage Restoration Process


At Property MD, we have a defined fire damage restoration process that’s evolved and matured over the years. Having a defined SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) allows us to get to the action as soon as we arrive at the client’s site.

Our experts at Property MD are experienced and well-aware of the fire damage restoration process and are qualified, certified, and insured. We use the latest and highly advanced fire damage restoration equipment, which can help mitigate the damage caused by fire quickly and effectively.

Our fire damage restoration process includes:


  • Contact – As soon as you get in touch, an emergency response team is dispatched to your location.
    Inspection & Assessment – The fire-damaged area will be thoroughly inspected and assessed to create a customized plan and provide you with a feasible quote.
  • Boarding & Tarps – Fire can damage various components of a property. Any missing windows, doors, and damaged elements are boarded, and roofs are covered using tarps, ensuring the property’s structural integrity is not compromised.
  • Water Removal – The fire is put out using water and dry chemicals. The water needs to be extracted from the property at the earliest to ensure it doesn’t cause any additional property damage.
  • Drying – Once the water is removed, it’s essential to dry the affected area completely to eliminate any lingering moisture in the space.
  • Smoke Odor Removal – Our fire damage restoration process ensures every nook and corner of your property is thoroughly inspected and residues from a fire like soot, ash, dirt, debris, and smoke odour are eliminated. We employ advanced techniques and specialized equipment for smoke odour removal.
  • Cleaning – We employ cleaning and sanitization techniques to salvage items in your commercial and residential space. We also clean and sanitize every nook and corner of the affected portion of the property, ensuring it’s safe and secure to inhabit again.
  • Restoration – This is the final step of our fire damage restoration process, where we repair structural damages to the property. This is important at this stage as, in the otherwise case, the internal damage can cause expensive repairs in the future.


Why Choose Property MD?


Hiring the right fire damage restoration contractors is important in times of distress.

While it’s natural to feel stressed and confused during such a crisis, it’s important to make the right decision and hire a fire damage restoration company that’s trusted, well-reviewed and established.

Property MD is a leading fire damage restoration company in Brampton, Ontario, with years of experience in the business. We provide fire damage restoration services to commercial and residential properties across Brampton, Ontario. Our experts at Property MD are certified, insured, and highly skilled, ensuring the services we render are highly effective, reliable, and professional.

Some of the reasons to choose us include:


  • Fastest response time in Brampton, Ontario.
  • Over two decades of experience in fire damage restoration space.
  • We also provide emergency fire damage restoration services 24/7 and 365 days a year.
  • We are a licensed and registered fire damage restoration company in Brampton, Ontario.
  • Highly-skilled, experienced, and qualified team of fire damage restoration experts.
  • Our fire damage restoration technicians at Property MD will also help you with filing insurance claims.
  • Complete end-to-end fire damage restoration solutions.
  • Honest and transparent approach. We never charge any hidden fees.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction – Always!


Hire Property MD – Reliable & Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company in Brampton, Ontario


Hiring a professional, reliable and efficient fire damage restoration company in Brampton, Ontario, is essential to mitigate the damage caused by fire and restore your property to its fully-functional form again.

At Property MD, we are a highly experienced, professional, and reliable fire damage restoration company that has helped hundreds of commercial and residential properties recover fully after an unfortunate fire incident.

Fire can turn your world upside down, but it’s important to make the right decision at the right time. The longer the residual materials from fire damage like soot, ash, water, dirt, foul smoke odour, and debris are allowed to stay on your property, the bigger would be the damage caused by it.

At Property MD, we believe in complete customer satisfaction and achieve it through uncompromising fire damage restoration services to our clients across Brampton, Ontario.

For more information or to book our fire damage restoration services, call us today at 1-855-435-6636.