How does this work if I put this through insurance?

Property MD is here to help and guide you through this process as easily and quickly as possible. Our job is to mitigate where possible, and manage your emergency back to a pre-loss condition. From there if repairs are necessary we will provide a complete scope of work for approval. Once approved, we will have a review of the scope and necessary materials to be selected based on the approved budget. Materials will be ordered and the work will be scheduled accordingly.

Will we have to relocate while the work is being done at my house?

In some cases yes, this will depend on the type of work being performed and in what areas of the structure.

How will payment be handled?

If your loss is through your insurance company, a direction of payment allows Property MD to be paid directly from your insurance company. If however your property work is being performed by Property MD with you privately we will discuss payment requirements at the time we are retained to serve you.

Is it safe for me to be in my home?

Each and every job differs in many ways. Losses that are fire and smoke related versus water losses will differ with potential safety issues. In the event your home is not safe to live in Property MD will advise of this situation and make recommendations. 

I am a business owner, what can be done to ensure I can still operate?

Property MD is committed to demonstrating critical thinking to ensure your business operation can be maintained where possible. We will explore and discuss each and every option with you to maintain your business continuity.

How long will my repairs take?

Repair times will depend on our scope of work and the availability of materials selected. This will be discussed and communicated with realistic time frames provided.

What do I need to do if I want to change out materials during the repairs?

This is always possible. You may be responsible for cost differences if the insurance company does not approve additionals that were not part of the original values allotted for your loss.

I am concerned about mold in my home, what will Property MD do to ensure this does not grow?

Mold grows on wet building materials in ideal environments. Property MD is trained to not only remove moisture but alter the environment to ensure conditions needed to grow mold are removed. This includes use of our state of the art drying equipment, application of airflow and dehumidification with industry required monitoring techniques. 

I am not sure who I should be communicating with Property MD or my insurance company?

Both! We will all be working together to get you back into your property as soon as possible. Ongoing communication will ensure we are all on the same page with your loss to ensure progress throughout each and every step of the way. 

What do I do if part of my loss is not covered by insurance?

If portions of necessary work or repairs are not covered by insurance Property MD will bill that back to you for payment. This will be discussed up front so that agreements and costs can be finalized.

What happens with all of my contents that are affected by the fire or water damage?

Property MD will manage contents for you and determine with you what can be saved and what items are questionable. We will assist with necessary storage and restoration of your items as approved.