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When your home or business has suffered fire, water, or storm damage, it’s important to act quickly and get to safety. Fire Damage disasters or even water damage disasters can leave the contents in your property dirty, burnt, stained, wet, contaminated, and odorous. However, one of the focuses after the disaster  is property rehabilitation and content restoration.

Not everything can be replaced, and at Property MD, we understand that. This is why we offer full content restoration services using time-tested techniques and the latest technologies. It includes content cleaning, inventory management, and content restoration. 

At Property MD, we offer content restoration and handling services across Canada to commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Our license and certified technicians work with professionalism, compassion, and urgency to mitigate the content damage and restore your belongings.

What Is Content Handling & Restoration?

Disasters do not discriminate. After a disaster damages your property, the contents of the buildings need to be cleaned and restored. Contents will include personal belongings, furniture, art, appliances, commercial items, documents, machinery, and other items. Anything in your property that is not attached to any utilities, such as gas or water, is considered ‘content.’ 

If there is damage to your property due to a leak, fire, severe storm, or tree falling on your property, it is a smart idea to call a professional content-handling company to find out what they can do to help you. Our team at PropertyMD will evaluate the damage and give you an idea of what is possible to restore and what you need to replace.

Content Handling in the GTA

Our Content Handling Services

After a disaster, it may seem that damage to your content is too severe, making restoration difficult. At PropertyMD, we are here to provide comprehensive and cost effective content handling and restoration solutions based on your situation, such as after demolition services are performed by our team. 

We have the capabilities and experience in all types of property loss situations allowing us to be your source for content handling and restoration services. Our content cleaning services help ensure you can save a lot of money over item replacement, not to mention the loss of items that no amount of money can recover. Our team ensures all your valuables are handled professionally and responsibly.

Content Handling

What Is Included in Content Restoration Services?

Our team of experts can bring the content of your property back to life. Content handling of your belongings is an important aspect of our Restoration Services. We present you and your insurance company with the best options. All our services are customized to meet your preferences when handling your most prized possessions.

Content handling and restoration services from PropertyMD include:

  • Packout of your contents
  • Proper inventory services
  • Climate-controlled storage services
  • Restoration of content such as:
  • Electronics
  • Hard-good furnishings
  • Soft-good furnishings
  • Machinery
  • Office equipment
  • Fine art restoration
  • Vital documents
  • Musical instruments
  • Inventories

If your property is affected by a disaster and needs proper content-handling experts, call PropertyMD today. Our team has years of experience and skills in content handling. We ensure cost-saving solutions over full replacement. We are always ready to help you!

Our Content Restoration Process

When you call us, we do not just handle your content; we help restore your most cherished possessions. Here’s how our content handling specialists can accelerate your content restoration process:


Our team evaluates every situation, including separating the contents into those damaged, salvageable, and those that cannot be saved. It ensures you are paying for only what can be restored and saved.


When items are damaged, they become fragile and need to be handled properly to prevent further damage. Our team will inventory and photograph every item we retrieve for restoration. Every item is packed carefully and then transported to the cleaning facility.


We are trained and certified to use a variety of tools and cleaning equipment. Our team determine the best technique to treat the content depending on the source and the extent of the damage. We do our best to restore the items back to their former glory.


Once we have cleaned the items, we deodorize them one last time. Once that is done, the content is stored in a warehouse where they are restored to its pre-damage state.


Once the restoration is completed, we pack all your contents with care and prepare them to be delivered to your location. Once on your property, we unpack them and put them in their original place.

Why Choose PropertyMD for Content Restoration?

  • Modern, High-End Equipment – Our specialists operate high-quality and innovative equipment to restore your content effectively and quickly.
  • Complete Cleanup – We will handle all content with extra care and take all necessary steps to protect and manage your content even after any other services such as mold remediation work.
  • Help With Insurance Company – Our team will establish a communication protocol with your insurance company, so everyone involved understands what is going on.
  • On-Site in Less Than an Hour – When you need us, we will respond with urgency and compassion to come to your rescue.
  • Always on Schedule – Our detailed oriented processes ensure that your content handling and restoration project is on schedule and completed on time.
  • Accurate Estimates – Our experienced team will work with you to ensure every dollar goes back into your restoration project.

Contact Property MD Today for Professional & Reliable Content Handling Services

If your contents are under threat, you need to ACT FAST! Every passing second can increase the chances of irreparable damage to your content. It is important to take the first steps to avoid further damage to your content. 

It is important to make the correct decisions at the start of the project. When done properly, it can ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for the claim. Our team works with you and your insurance adjuster to help you make those important decisions quickly and effectively. 

PropertyMD is here to support you 24/7. Call us today at 1-855-4FLOOD-MD. (1-855-435-6636) to book content handling and for integrated solutions to all things property.